Circle of Life

Remember what Mufasa told Simba in The lion king? The lion eats the antilope, and when the lion dies, the antilope will eat the grass that grew over the lion…

That’s the way life works too. Everything in life is connected. Life, love… Everything is connected and has a way to work in life. Everything in life also has a reason. Love and life is actually closely connected. Without love in ones life, there is no life, because we can’t live without love. Motherly love, fatherly love, love you get from friends, love you get from the one you love. Simply put, love from your loved ones. But then again, it’s connected in other ways too…

Think of this: When someone dies, and trust me, loads of people die each day, a child is also born. Estimated every three seconds someone dies, but then again, in the same amount of time, a baby is born. Sounds crazy, i know, but its nonetheless true. therefor the balance between life and death is kept well.

Crime has the same thing. For every criminal killed, or taken prisoner, a new one enters this world. Unfortunately, this is barely the case with the police. In the police force, less and less people are enlisting. But oh well…

So there you see, everything has a balance, love, life and death, and crime.

Finally, everything has a reason in life. Every single little thing that happens to you in your life has a certain reason. And even though when at the time it happens it won’t make much sense, along the way, you’ll realize what the reason was behind whatever happened to you. Even the worst things in life; you getting hurt, you getting injured, you almost dying; has a certain reason. Losing a loved one is another example of something bad happening. But death also has a reason. Its making room for other people to come into life, and it’s to get that well deserved rest in peace.

So there… We went a little philosophical. You gotta love it!


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