Interracial Relationship

Black and white, black and yellow, white and yellow… Who cares what race two people are in a relationship? Unfortunately a lot of people do…

Does it really matter what race you’re from as long as there is love involved? As long as you can stare in each other’s eyes, smile, and them give each other a big hug… Is that really bad if you’re both from a different race? I think not. I think it’s something beautiful, and its love, no matter what ethnicity or race you are. But of course there are many people who do see bad in it. And this is where the same problem with racism is. Now, a white person dating an Asian person isn’t bad, and no one will say anything about this. But the moment there is a black person involved; suddenly it’s a crime… Now I’ll admit, I’m in a relationship of the first class; white and Asian, and luckily me and her don’t have any problems involving racism, and people saying it’s a bad thing. But I know enough people who are dating a black or Asian or Hispanic person, and get just too much racism to their life, just because they love a person of another race. This is wrong people… Just let everyone date the person they fall in love with. If he or she treats that person right, then why not let them? It’s easy, just being happy for those being in that relationship. They found love. And never forget; Love goes beyond time, distance, race and money. And trust me, a person in a relationship does not need people judging them, or giving them advice when it’s not asked for. Just let them do what feels good for them. Why not?

That’s actually something I can rant a little about too. Judging people… Why? Why do we all think its necessary to judge every person we see in life? And furthermore, why do some totally judge a person entirely wrong, and stick with that judgment, just because it’s YOUR judgment… There are actually good people on this planet. But from when we were children, we get this thought put into our minds, saying everyone on planet earth is evil. Now, I would never let my kids talk to strangers. So I’m guilty to this too. But really, we don’t want our kids kidnapped or molested, so in that case its okay, and they shouldn’t talk to strangers. But that’s not what matters In this post.

We were talking about interracial relationships. There is no harm in two people from different races dating. And if there are children from these relationship, the so-called mixed babies… It’s okay. I mean, dammit, it’s a child too, so with that, lets erase that term from our minds: mixed babies. Because it’s a wrong term to use, and when it comes to babies or children, no damn terms should be used. Love should be used, no terms.

Other than that, I wish you all a beautiful day, and for those in an interracial relationship: Have fun on this day with the person you love. What you have is beautiful, and in my eyes, its perfect.


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