Who could ever forget these movies…? If you’re about my age (Which is 23) You won’t Because these movies have, for a big part, formed us. They’ve made us who we are.

Who didn’t want to be like Simba or Nala? Who didn’t hate Scar for what he had done, but at the same time gave him credit for thinking of such a brilliant plan? Who didn’t laugh their ass off with Timon and Pumba? If you didn’t, I must politely ask you to get away from this blog, because ou suck!

I can still remember watching these movies when I was younger. They made me happy, sad, they made me think. Honor, deceit, pain, and happiness. Those movies are probably a small reason I became a musician.

I still watch these movies a lot. And honestly, who doesn’t. Its fun to watch them. And they give you all those feelings you had back in the day again.


I must say. The lion king is probably one of my most favorite movies ever. And I will always love these movies. I still love the final show off between Simba and Scar. The way Simba TOTALLY wins from Scar. The tension while they’re fighting. The way Simba is the toughest one EVER.

And then the songs! Who doesn’t love the songs???? They captivate me, from the circle of life, to can you feel the love. Even the scores are just awesome epicness.

I love loads of Disney movies. Like Beauty and the Beast, The 101 Dalmatians and more. And I love the songs in those movies too. And yet, they can’t quite beat the Lion King or its songs.


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