Disclaimer: I judge the rappers based on listening to most of their materials such as hit singles, most viewed videos, and fanbase. I will also use my “unbiased” opinion critque on whether they would be successful in the industry or not.  All comments welcomed but be smart and not cry if I dislike the freshmen rapper. Everyone has different tastes.

It’s 2012, and this would be the 5th anniversary that XXL magazine will give us which 10 rappers are expected to blow up big in the music industry in a year or two. Some of the lists of the past years had their hits but also had their misses. Before I go on to these freshmen, I’ll give a rating to freshmen of the past based whether I like them or not in a short sentence.  Grades go from A=Awesome, B=Great, C=Decent, D=Mediocre & F=Awful. Then I’ll judge these 2012…

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