We all know that Sean Carter is a former dope boy, a current business/ rapper, and future hip-hop legend. Jay-Z has made millions off his extensive list of endeavors, from selling crack, to Roc-A-Wear, to what he’s most famous for, his music. Now, he’s added another item to this already impressive list: writing a book.

“Decoded” is part-autobiography, part lyrical analysis of Hov’s own music. Being interested in Jay’s life, the first part appealed to me, and being a RapGenius, the second part also appealed to me.

Seeing as I loved the idea of the book, when I spotted it at a local bookstore, I bought it without hesitation. After reading the book, I have taken a few things away:

1) I have an even greater appreciation for Jay-Z’s music after reading about the complexities of Hov’s lyrics, with all the little details pointed out by the MC himself.


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