I’ve been holding on out on even talking about this story because Snooki has yet to confirm it but everyone is saying that she’s about 3-4 months pregnant by her longtime boyfriend Jionni. I mean, normally I wouldn’t believe something like this but it was on E! News for heaven’s sake! They’re such a legit news media source that I’m very likely to believe this is true!

On one hand, I’m happy for her. A child is a blessing whether it is planned or not. On the other hand, I just cannot image her as a mother! Obviously I don’t know Snooki. All that I know comes from episodes of Jersey Shore, that I just happen to be a big fan of. If you’ve never watched the show, then you might not know just how aloof, immature and sometimes reckless Snooki can be. She parties, she drinks, she gets arrested…these are just not the ideal qualities of a mother to be.

Now that being said, I do think she has the potential to be a great mom. Look at Nicole Richie for example. She was arrested, had substance abuse problems and was notorious for being wild and crazy but she cleaned up her act and now she’s a wonderful mother to two beautiful kids, she’s got a business, she’s given back and the only time you hear her name lately, it’s attached to something good. If she could do it, I’m sure Snooki can too.

I don’t want anybody to think that I’m calling Snooki a bad person or saying that she’s going to be a bad mother. Like I said, I don’t know her personally and I can only speak on what she appears to be. There’s nothing wrong with partying and enjoying your life especially while you’re still young and free. But I think a baby is a cold slap in the face, for anybody to wake up and grow up!

That is all.


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