On To The Next!

Ladies, I don’t know about you (and probably a few of you fellas as well) but there is nothing like that feeling you get when you see your ex when you’re out with your “next”. Even if it’s just the first date it makes that date a little more interesting and a lot more memorable. Because if for no other reason you can’t wait to get to your phone to text your BFF or get home to log on and get a good laugh at your exes expense.

But it also brings up the question: How soon is too soon to move on? People (myself included) joke that there is nothing better to help you get over your ex then finding the next but is that really the best answer or is it just what the doctor ordered? The distraction of a new face and new conversation and  new…..well….anyway….would definitely help anyone forget the person who broke their heart weeks or months before. And at the same time stop the back and forth that some couples go through when they break up so it may actually help keep you from going back to a bad situation. (See: Chris Brown/Rhianna) Some may argue that the issue that caused the breakup in the first place (whether it be you or the other person) never really gets dealt with if you move on to fast and is just gets carried into the next relationship. I personally don’t agree with that view but what do I know? I do know that everyone deserves to be happy so of course if you’re in a situation that is not good or safe definitely get out. And as far as moving on too quickly most grown, mature people can use common sense in whether or not they need the time and space to get themselves together before attempting to take on another persons feelings and emotions. And if you are out strictly for fun I think full disclosure should come into play, especially if the other person is thinking more than just drinks and heavy breathing.

Would it bother you to know that you were someone’s “next” in an attempt to get over an EX? Would that change how you approached the relationship or perceived the person? Would you stay or would you leave?


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