People Come And Go

The title of today’s blog comes from a line in the show Wicked.  Now it is also quoted in a number of other writings.  Philosophers have argued this point.  Religious people will say that God brings people into our lives.  Well whatever position you want to take I feel that every person that comes into our life did so for a reason.

Now as I was reflecting on this idea today I thought of a lot of people I don’t talk to or correspond in some way with.  Some I lost contact information and have no idea where they are in this world of ours.  I am sure they are out there somewhere and hopefully alive and safe.  I after all don’t want to wish bad on people because I believe what goes around comes around.  There are some who I knew through work relationships and we in my life for a period of time.  I know there are some who I know from this part of my life that will probably say good thing I don’t know where they are they don’t want to talk to me anyway.

There are those who touch our lives through dating situations and I think that group is better left alone in this conversation.  Now some of this group I wish I still was in contact and things could have been different. Some of this group I may have learned a lot from.

I could keep going on the list but one thing for sure is I have learned from all these people.  Some have challenged me in different ways.  Some of those challenges resulted in me becoming a better person.  Some have ended in stalemate or arguments.  Some I do wish were different.  Either way I know that I carry a part of them in me.

I am hoping that each person who has crossed my path in this life was changed a little by the encounter and that it was for the better.  I know that each person who crosses my path does that for me.  Sometimes I realize it right away and other times it takes a little time.

Look at your life and see who has crossed yours?


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