If you spend anytime on Twitter it won’t take long before you hear the word “Thirst” being thrown around. Now to me it’s a bit juvenile, but to each his own. In Twitterville being “thirsty” refers to someone who (male or female) attempts to reach out to someone they are interested in. I know….I know…’re probably thinking, what’s wrong with letting someone know you like them? Well apparently in the Twitterverse it’s frowned upon. Something I will NEVER understand. Because one it shows that people are paying WAY to much attention to other people’s business and two if a person is going to be ridiculed for attempting to approach someone they are interested in, why would they bother?

A woman who does it, whether flirting or dropping hints usually catches it the worst but I have see men burned at the stake as well for publicly showing interest in someone. All this does is create a bunch of people who are too leary to even consider trying to let someone know how they feel out of fear of public ridicule. The dating game is already saturated with its fair share of liars and cheaters on both sides so everyone is guarded and light weight angry with the opposite sex on some level. So what does that leave those of us who genuinely would like to find a real relationship, free from lies and games to choose from? Now there are those that are a little over the top who could be considered “thirsty”. These are usually the women who are bragging about having thousands of followers but her avi  is a snapshot of her ass or her breasts or the ones who have no problem talking about sex 24/7. I hate to break it to you boo-boo but they are following your breasts and x-rated conversation….not you.

So is there a way to get past this or are we all destined to be divided, men on one side women on the other, both scared to cross the line.  If  you think about it both sexes spend a good bit of time on Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis so the chances of coming across someone of interest is pretty great. Is that such a bad thing? Now I can see once the two parties realizes that a possible connection has been made taking their conversation off their timelines and to a more personal venue like texts or phone calls. But it seems that getting to that is even impossible because apparently, according to the rules of Twitter, you’re not supposed to be attracted to or pursue anyone of the opposite sex because inturn that make you: Thirsty. Do you think that’s fair or just?

Me personally I think it’s stupid and childish but what do I know?


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