Things I Can’t Do

First, I do not know how to put a fitted sheet on a bed (without acting out in anger half-way through). I don’t know why, but making a bed is an impossible task for me! I DREAD it. With every fiber of my being. I washed my sheets yesterday and the whole time I was thinking “I would rather sleep on nasty dirty sheets then have to put these back on the bed tonight.” Why can everyone else do this without a problem? I would rather have the flu. Or do dishes for 6 hours. Or give up coffee for a week. Ok, scratch that. I would not give up coffee for a week But you get my point. I dislike it very very much. I love doing laundry. I am not opposed to dishes, dusting, or vacuuming. I enjoy cooking, I would like to give sewing a try, and I actually take a bit of enjoyment out of mopping and scrubbing things. Even cleaning the bathroom isn’t a big deal. But making the bed… No thank you.


Another I cannot do: Argue. Maybe its because I don’t have a lot of practice. Or maybe its like a natural talent some people have and I don’t. But I cannot argue. In the moment, I think I am saying something that makes perfect sense, gets my point across, and isn’t necessarily offensive to the other person. But in reality, I just fueled the other person’s fire. How does that happen? I think back on arguments I’ve had with my fiance, my brothers, and my friends and I think “Wow, I am such a dork.” I say the stupidest things when I am upset. And I don’t know when to stop! I keep pushing and saying the same things over and over again but in different ways. I rant about absolutely nothing, I bring in random facts that are not relevant, I read way more into what they are saying, and  I get frustrated when they don’t all of a sudden concede to my side of the issue. But during these fights, I do not recognize any of this. I can acknowledge it all I want now, but as soon as I am angry about something, I think I am completely in the right and making perfect sense. I do not know how to argue.


What else do I not know how to do? I don’t know how to tell people how much they mean to me. I try. I really do. But I can never find the right words and it comes out as much less than I desired to say and a little on the cheesy side. Definitely need to practice that


There are so many other things that I don’t know how to do.. and I will probably rant about hose another time But for now, I think I’m good having vented about these few in particular.

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  1. You dont have to know or like everything, time will come to learn! Cheers! 😉

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