It seems impossible to measure morality doesn’t it? People who have the competence know the difference between right and wrong, but universally we all have different degrees of morals and values… 

But how does this work when applied to the world of sex?

For many of us out there, relationships, friends with benefits and the occasional one night stands are the norm… anything that doesn’t come under one of those ’consented’ categories (or something similar) is known widely to be illegal. However, what if the ‘no strings attached rule’ you agreed to is with a friend that is actually madly in love with you and is hopeful that one day you’ll want more? In such a case consent does not seem to be the issue. You know he will consent, but it is entirely foreseeable that such a liaison will be significantly detrimental to his happiness in the long run, and it may be quite devastating when you finally decide to call it quits.  

In this case it would appear that consent is sufficient enough for sex, but not necessarily sufficiently moral. The definition for immorality is just too hard to pin down! Take fetishes for example, somebody’s wildest fantasies might totally be seen as wrong in someone else’s eyes!

Is consent sufficient enough? Or should we be more cautious with the wishes and feelings of others? What are your thoughts!?


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