Patience Is A Virtue

Being patient is not a trait we are born with. A newborn baby, for example, will not wait to be fed. He will scream and cry up until the point that he receives his nourishment. Patience is something that must be learned and perfected over time.

I myself can be very impatient. Sometimes quitting time doesn’t come fast enough. Or maybe a package I am expecting is late to arrive. No matter how much I complain or fret it doesn’t make any of these things come faster. It’s better to just remain calm and be patient.

Being patient isn’t easy. It is having trust in time. That in the end things will work out,  or will happen. Impatience is the fear of the unknown. The lack of control over the situation. It’s the pacing across the floor moments, waiting for a test result, or the answers to an important question. It’s hard to fight past that fear. To relax and have faith.

Things worth having are worth being patient for. This has been my latest revelation. I’m beginning to see that in order to feel and look good it takes time and hard work. There is no magic diet or magic workout. It’s perseverance, determination and patience. You can’t rush the good things in life. Relationships take time to grow and become stronger. Careers take hard work and dedication. Even the coming of Spring has to wait until Winter has run its course.

I’m having to learn to take one day at a time. No more rushing to get somewhere, or to a goal.  I need to enjoy the ride that comes with getting somewhere, with accomplishing something. In the end I will appreciate it so much more.


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