I hope a lot of people feel the way i do about standing up against child abuse, it will be encouraging to hear different types of opinions on this subject. Throughout the years i have heard so much about child abuse. It’s heartbreaking to hear a baby/child/kid is getting abuse in any type of way but it’s even worse when their is absolutely a thin thread of justice for it. The people doing these types of abuses aren’t psychologically in their right state of mind because who in the right state of mind would hurt someone who isn’t capable of helping themselves or defending themselves?…someone who is weak minded, someone who doesn’t know right from wrong, someone who can’t control their emotions and reactions, someone who should be put in jail automatically after hurting a child.

This is a sensitive subject that a lot of people aren’t aware of, I’ve read books, I’ve seen the news, Ive met children who go through these types of abuses and it just doesn’t make sense to me how anyone can be capable of such abuse. On the news I saw that a guy in his mid-twenties purposely bathe a 10 month old baby in burning hot water until he burned half of the babies skin off while rubbing it, he threw the baby on the floor and started kicking him simultaneously. Now i think to myself “what in the world was this guy thinking?”, “who would do such thing to a baby”….. I’m not a mother I don’t have my own kids yet but I am an older sister and I know you need a lot of patience to have a baby, it takes a lot to raise a child but their is no excuse for this extreme behavior and it should never escalate to this much…just imagine the excruciating pain this baby was going through…even when we as adults get a little cut or burn it hurts a lot, on a child/baby is much worse….these indefensible baby’s need justice.

A lot of people that commit these crimes go to jail for 2 to 3 years and their out having a normal life afterwards. Theirs parents that abuse their child for years and no one ever finds out, these children suffer quietly and of course suffer growing up as well because of these abuses. If you have read ” A child called IT” Dave Pelzer’s autobiographical book on his alleged abuse as a child by an alcoholic mother; you would really understand the meaning of these abusive homes and the emotional/psychical damage it leaves forever. I wish their were more people involve in these cases because i feel like their is hardly any type of movement done for these specific situations.



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