When Tweeting goes horribly wrong..

Knicks newest player J.R. Smith’s pockets are a little lighter these days after tweeting a photo of rapper Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend Tahiry. The photo was allegedly taken in his hotel room in Milwaukee and featured Tahiry in a thong. **cues Marsha Ambrosius ‘I hope she cheats on you with a basketball player’.

Apparently, J.R  and Tahiry have known each other for years but recently reconnected when he was traded to New York.  Since then, he has been attention whoring by taunting Joey in a ‘hey-i-got-your-girl’ type of way over twitter, however  Budden (who’s known more for his twitter drama then his actual music) definitely had the last laugh.  This weekend, The NBA fined J.R  $25,000 for tweeting the inappropriate photo.

Meanwhile, as recent as January, J.R was in a relationship with a girl by the name of Britanie Gerard who has a serious ink obsession.  His girlfriend…

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