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Surrender . . . I give up!

This is actually a good thing.  Learning how to “let go” and breathe; how to no longer need to “have, keep, or fear losing something or someone” is to learn how to live, enjoy, and have deep peace.

We often think of losing, surrendering, and letting go as something bad; a sign we weak, dependent, or unhealthy, BUT

This is NOT true!

Like the song on the album Dark Horse, “Losing is winning if it turns you around.”

Try on these attitudes, and then breathe with ease:

  • Surrender, letting go, to someone you trust refreshing, intimate, and freeing.
  • Letting go as an affirmation that love is a gift, not something we own, is healing.
  • When I give up, let someone I know carry me, I realize life is about being in relationship, not just strength.

I once asked a stranger to take a…

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