Get The Girl

Hey guys.  Today’s post goes out for all the lovely men and women out there who would like to get a girlfriend, but are kind of stuck on how to get one.  I myself have recently gotten into an amazing relationship, which is what is inspiring me to write this little how-to for you guys 🙂

So, let’s start with the first step.

Find a girl you like. And I mean actually like.  You should feel butterflies when you look at her, and you should think she’s beautiful.  Well maybe you don’t have to feel that strongly at first…but make sure that comes eventually! There is nothing worse than being so desperate that you just pick anyone, because that’s playing with her heart and her feelings. Not cool.

Get to know this girl! Don’t be too weird about it though.  Don’t just randomly walk up to her and be like “hi let’s start texting can I have your number where do you live” because that’s borderline stalker material.  If you’re already friends with this girl, that’s even better!

TEXT HER FIRST. I cannot stress how important it is that you do that.  It lets her know that you care and want to talk to her! Keep up an interesting conversation as well.

Ask her to hang out. Whether you’re one-on-one or with a group of friends, just the fact that you asked her will make her feel special.
Flirt.  Please don’t give her mixed signals.  You can flirt by complimenting her (call her beautiful or pretty – please do not call a girl hot.  We don’t like it), hugging her a lot, touching her, you know, just little flirty things like that.

Be nice, respectful, chivalrous, polite. I know it’s said that girls like it when guys are jerks to them, but it is so not true. It’s a serious turn-off.

Eventually, tell her how you feel.  Odds are, she’ll like you back.  You don’t have to ask her out the same day you tell her how you feel, but it is good that she knows for sure you do like her, and vice versa.
Ask her out. In person.  Seriously do not text her or Facebook chat her and be like “hey wanna go out” cause that’s not romantic at all.
Yeah that’s pretty much all the advice I have to give on this subject. If anyone actually uses this information and it works, then you should tell me! Till next time 🙂


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