Independent Woman

My beautiful Independent women, regardless of your racial background or your age, I regret to inform you that you, my dear, are CURSED… This is not an assumption…it is a FACT.  Accept it and live your life.

From having no voice to making a voice

From being cherised and appreciated to being degraded and disrepected, we birth a generation of independent women…Women who refuse to fall short, women who wore many hats to survive, women who endure pain but dust off and keep moving, women who refuse to settle, women who stand firm to their beliefs with their heads held high…the Independent Woman needs no one to survive, for she will make a way.

It’s the independent woman who is overlooked because her ways can interfere with the dependent…those that seek to devour or destroy what she desires to build.  The dependent look to her because she is a producer with consistent proven results, but at the same time they disagree with her because she is too strong.  The dependent are those that live stagnated with no change…they are intimidated by those who seek success.

Independent women you are cursed because it’s not too many people who can stand to be with an independent woman….she is on the go and have no time for lacsidaisal people. She moves to the beat of her own drum.  Her world has it’s own time zone and rules.  She won’t bend to make others happy if she knew it would jeopordize her own well-being.

It’s good to be independent, but too much independence can leave you bitter and selfish.  What do you need a man for?  You take care of everything already…and if a man did come along how long do you think it will take before you begin running him?  And we all know an independent woman ain’t taking care of no grown man!

So back to the single and independent life you go!


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