Stereotypes are very common among this generation.  Everyone is comparing themselves against others and judging people based on appearance, clothing, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. I myself, have been stereotyped as a hipster, dumb because I’m blonde, anorexic because I’m thin, among other things.  Obviously they are untrue stereotypes, as most are.  Here’s a list of most stereotypes nowadays.

If you have ever cut yourself, you’re ‘emo’
If you’re blonde, you’re stupid
If you’re Asian, you’re really intelligent and all you care about is school
If you prefer to spend time alone and not surround yourself with tons of friends, you must be a loser
If you speak your mind, you’re rude.
If you’re religious, you try to shove your beliefs down everyone’s throat
If you’re Atheist, you must hate the world.
If you’re Christian, you must hate people that are gay.
If you’re Southern, you must be white trash.
If you take anti-depressants, you’re crazy.
If you’re a teenage guy, you only want to get into someone’s pants rather than have a relationship with them
If you’re a cheerleader, you’re a whore.
If you wear short skirts or other items of clothing like that, you must be a slut.
If you’re young, you’re naive.
If you’re rich, you’re a conceited snob.
If you wear black, you’re emo or goth.
If you’re native American, you like to dance around a fire screaming like a savage (HAHA this is not mine. I found this somewhere.)
If you dye your hair crazy colours, you’re looking for attention.
If you’re into theater, you must be homosexual.
If you’re vegetarian, you’re a crazy political activist.
If you have a bunch of guy friends and you’re a girl, you’re whoring yourself around to them
If you’re single, you must be ugly and no one wants you
If you’re in band, you must be a band geek.
If you read, you’re a nerd.
And there you have it.  These are the most common stereotypes I’ve heard about people.  In no way are these true (unless you actually do like to dance around a fire screaming like a savage), so I would suggest that if anyone is saying this stuff about you, you blow it off.

Every person is their own person, and no matter what they do, it’s them, it’s who they are.  I really dislike stereotypes.  Most of the ones I listed are very negative, and can cause rumours to be spread, drama amongst others, and could hurt the person who is being stereotyped.   Don’t ever listen to stereotypes!

Just be you, cause who could be better at being you than you?


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