Do You Really Need A Man?

Does a woman need a man in order to feel complete?

Some women think that they need a man to feel complete so they either stay in an unhealthy relationship or go from man to man so they don’t have to be alone.  Though partnering with a man in a relationship does have advantages, a woman should not look to a man to feel complete because it often leads to disappointment.

We all have a void in our lives that we tend to try to fill with various things, including money, people, career status, material possessions, and so on.  The problem is that things and people don’t really fulfill the void we feel in our lives.  They may temporarily be gratifying but the feeling of happiness wears off eventually and the nagging void returns.

For example, let’s say that a woman does not want to be alone so she gets together with a man to feel fulfilled and secure.  The relationship is going well for a while but the nagging void returns.  She may think that maybe this man is not her soul mate because he is not filling the void, so she breaks up with him and latches onto another man in hopes that he will fill the void.

Some women will mistakenly think that a man can fulfill her. The truth of the matter is that a person is not meant to fill the void that humanity feels.  That void comes from deep down in our core existence, or our spirit.  Material things and people will not satisfy that void for long; it can only be filled from within.

Self-fulfillment comes from one finding fulfillment in and of self.  It is the belief that you can be happy through your own efforts and accomplishments.  For example, a woman who wants to feel fulfilled can make a list of dreams or goals that she can work toward to find fulfillment as her goals are accomplished, she will gain a sense of gratification.  She is taking responsibility for her sense of contentment and not placing it upon another person.

If a woman feels like having a man around is the only way she can feel fulfilled, she may want to consider ending the relationship and being alone for a while.  During this time of  being single, she can learn to find fulfillment in and of herself. This will help her future relationships as she will not be seeking fulfillment from her man but solely from within.


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