Loyalty and Trust

When ancient peoples made bricks for their buildings, they discovered that when they mixed straw together with the mud and clay, the bricks would become stronger.  The straw served as a sort of structural glue that helped the bricks hold more weight, retain their shape, and become more durable. Relationships are like bricks: they too need their own “straw” that will make them stronger.  Although love generally serves as the main element – the clay – of the relationship, it can break down over time if it isn’t properly fortified.  To make sure the right straw is added to your brick, you want to ensure that you build trust and loyalty into your relationship.

It takes strenuous work to add straw to bricks: frequently workers would stomp the straw into the clay over and over again.  The stomping would help work the straw into the clay and spread it around evenly.  But how do we “stomp” trust and loyalty into relationships to make sure that it’s forming a tight bond?  There are two primary answers: first, spend quality time together, and second, give trust and loyalty to get it.

It might seem obvious, but the more time individuals spend with one another, the closer they grow.  However, today’s environment is filled with distractions that can make even this simple concept difficult to achieve. A hectic work schedule, balancing time for ourselves, and physical weariness all interpose themselves between us and the ones we love. The consequence is that even though we spend time together, we don’t spend quality time together.  The straw is not getting mixed in.  One of the first steps to enhancing the trust and loyalty shared in a relationship is to decrease the distractions and increase the interactive experiences you have.  Talk, play, and enjoy life together – and over time your bonds of trust and loyalty will grow stronger.

Think of spending quality time together as stomping the straw into your solid relationship with your right foot; to stomp it in with the left, you need to demonstrate trust and loyalty yourself.  This means that if you want to have trust and loyalty in your relationship, give it to get it.  When a relationship consists of at least one person who is able to give trust and loyalty to the other, then that strengthens the relationship by ensuring that at least from one end these important elements are being displayed. The other person, knowing that they are trusted and committed to, will likely share those same qualities in return.

Of course, making bricks involves more than mixing clay and straw – it takes time.  When two committed people spend quality time together, trust and loyalty will develop naturally into the relationship. Remember that even though love brings people together, trust and loyalty is the structural glue that will keep people together.


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