Sex Appeal

When I’m listening to music of late I realize one thing, the sheer lack of talent especially with female vocalists. It’s no longer about having any vocal talent at all. It’s about the sex appeal a woman has and it saddens me to see so many talentless female vocalists that have a career built on simply the fact that they are beautiful or sexy or every man wants to screw them. That’s not talent, not at all! Talent is about a voice so strong and passionate that you feel the music deep in your soul and that has been so lost. These days it’s all about sex and looks. We have so many popular vocalists that CANT SING. Now here’s where I’m brutally honest, a big example of these females being Taylor Swift or Britney Spears or Shakira. I don’t hate either of these people and I actually have a lot of Britney Spears on my IPod but I’m honest with myself. She can’t sing but half of the male species wanted to get in her pants when she started singing. I adore Taylor Swift she is the sweetest thing. She is kind but I’m honest enough to say she can’t sing either but she’s beautiful. Shakira, I honestly wonder who she had to sleep with to be aloud in an album. She sounds like a cat being ran over with a scooter. We need to stop this and get some women that can share there soul with us with a truly strong voice. So here’s to THE WOMEN THAT CAN SING, that have strength and that just aren’t pretty faces but amazing vocalists. ADELE, nothing but strength, she can carry every note and shockingly get as loud as she likes. She doesn’t stand there barely singing above a whisper but throwing here voice far. WHITNEY HOUSTON, she had such passion and spectacular projecting skills. JUDY GARLAND a classic. Talk about heart and soul. They called her the little girl with the big voice in her time. You could hear her mile away with her projecting skills. These women have no weakness. These are just a few that have talent but there are more. Women are simply sex icons now and what message are we sending future generations of women to come? That having a pretty face gets you whatever you like! Society is looking away from REAL WOMEN with TALENT because they don’t have fake boobs, butts or flawless faces and oozing sex. Sex is not talent its sex. Anyone can pay to be beautiful not everyone has a voice. We need to stop this. There is so little talent on the radio now that I basically listen to stuff from the 90s and back. I freak when once in a blue moon I hear a new female vocalist example Adele that has TALENT. It’s not sex, its music. PLEASE HOLLYWOOD GET SOME FEMALE VOCALISTS THAT ARE HAPPY TO BE THEMSELVES WITH TALENT!!!!!!

  1. It’s all about commercialism, it numbing the arts. From movies,music, to fashion. When it comes to singers they want the whole package since the records sales has become obsolete due technology. Emphasis on televised promotions is necessary to make their money with endorsements, performances and their looks. Now its rare the best singers are the “whole” package, so we get a lower level of talented ‘singers” 🙂 but better ‘performers’

    The days of Bille holiday and Aretha Franklin are over and now sadly its time for Justin Beiber and Jo Jo lol 🙂

  2. wobsy said:

    I agree. But the problems of the music industry go much deeper. There is a move to deskill the whole business. Most folk can sing, fewer can play instruments, fewer still can write or arrange good music. Who gets the limelight: the vocalists. This isn’t accidental. The industry wants disposable stars: here today, gone tomorrow. The buying public fall for it every time. Our best defence is to keep music live. Adam Ant was touting this thirty years ago.

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