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“The Woman You love” is the first single from Ashanti’s upcoming album “Braveheart”. After gaining little to no accolades and success from her recent music ventures. The track is an attempt to deliver Ashanti from the dark pits of music irrelevancy. Hopefully this will be her much needed big hit.In typical Ashanti style the video has some sort of storyline — that plays off the song. However, this time around the concept is tweaked a little bit. She took us to some sort of spacecraft…ship..thingy. The effects were just to much. It’s great that the visual wasn’t a typical R&B video, which actually would have been better in this case. Instead of delivering a half-baked, confusing concept.
The song itself isn’t bad. One thing Ashanti doesn’t get enough credit for ; are her amazing song writing skills. The only reason why this song wouldn’t get any buzz will simply…

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