We cannot deny that there is a part of us that wants to know what celebrities are doing, that wants to watch the newest movie featuring our favorite actor/actress, and wants to live vicariously through the accomplishments of celebrities. It is kind of silly though if you ask me.

I have come to realize in the last year, that it is kind of funny that we have reached a point of decadence in society where we can pay celebrities millions of dollars to entertain us. While at one point it was about survival, we have now by in large, become a society of consumption and comfort.   It is a funny concept really to think that when the economy is suffering so much, that we can justify paying thousands of sports stars tens of millions of dollars for playing a sport that they love for a year (do not get me wrong, it is a lot of work and everything else, but I feel that many people who work equally as hard never make this much money). Really, celebrities confirm everything that high school teaches you: society favors people with particular skills over those that have a lot of skills, or use their skills for education based careers. After all, how often do you see a doctor making $10 million for a year? I know for a fact that at my school, the sports teams asked for jerseys and they could get them, but the band, robotics team, etc. asked for money and they were out of luck for the most part. What bothers me more than this though, is this, how can one person possibly spend that much money in a year?! After a couple years at a celebrities salary should be enough to pay for anything that they could want for the rest of their lives. I can respect them if they are using this money to help others rather than just buying a lot of unnecessary things for themselves, but really, why should you need that much money? I feel that it is equally unfair that a musician can make as much money as they do when they are well known.

To me, male and female celebrities in Hollywood, with a couple of exceptions, are homogeneous. I will freely admit to being pop-culture illiterate, and I am proud of it. In my mind, there is “generic actress”- possessing any or all of the following characteristics: slim, beautiful, nice hair and

See what I mean? generic actress.

complexion, perfect teeth, smart, charming, etc. – and then there is “generic actor”- fit, handsome, tan, perfect hair and teeth, nice smile, charismatic, etc. Say the name of most any celebrity, and I will fit them within one of these categories with little comprehension of who that person is. I may be slightly less in the dark if you can tell me something notable they have done, but for the most part, even this is a lost cause. I have come to accept this as my fate. I am actually apathetic enough about celebrities and whatnot, that I would be more than willing to have random, unknown, actors and actresses in every movie. I know this is not how movie companies make money, but maybe it would be better to not spend so much money on the best effects and the most well known actors and actresses. Lets face it, every movie has an average budget of about $100 million or more, even if these costs were cut slightly, can you imagine the changes that could be made to society? So much of the wealth is monopolized in the hands of the rich, and this can be blamed in part on the entertainment industry.

To me, actors and actresses are normal people that we make a big deal out of to the point where we feel it is a big deal to meet them. I know I would be excited to meet a celebrity, but logically I know it is kind of silly. It must have something to do with living vicariously through their experiences and successes, as well as the fact that you can brag to others about this experience, but who knows, people are strange beings. I think it is silly though to fixate on the lives of celebrities, they just want some space, and the things that happen in their lives should have no bearing on your life. Half of the claims made in these magazines likely have no base in truth, and if they do, it is probably a skewed, partial truth. Try to think about your life and that of people around you, rather than focusing too much on the lives of celebrities. We all have our moments, but we have to try not to become too engulfed in the world of celebrities and pop-culture lest we lost our grip on important things.

I like to watch a good movie, I am not saying that that is wrong. I just think that we should focus less on how famous someone is, and stop paying so much attention to stars, and appreciate entertainment for what it is, rather than the people. There are so many talented athletes, musicians, actors/actresses, etc. that could fill the need though they do not have the notoriety behind them.

What do you think?


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