Baby you and I, we have an amazing time.
I tell you what I like-
Just tell me what you like..

Because there’s nothing I won’t do. I’ll give my everything to you.
You can see,
I crave the love you give me.
The way my body shakes…
The way you move me…
You send me to a familiar place,
Each and every time.

Whatever you want, I’ll do..
I don’t want this with anyone but

Let me remember every little thing now…

Even now.
I can smell your clothes as you slowly take each item off.
I can smell your skin as you lay me on the bed.
I can feel your arms… I can feel your legs.
Even now.
I can feel your eyes watch me as I motion close.
I can see you smile once I let you in.
I can feel your hand placed around my legs, with just the perfect grip.
I can hear your voice, as they attend your expressions.
I can hear our breathing, perfectly in sync.

I remember the feeling, something so sweet.

Even in the darkest of nights, your all I see.


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