Don’t Rush

I don’t know if it’s my generation or if this happens in every generation, but it seems like my peers are in a rush to find love. It’s like one minute, relationships are like jail and everyone runs away from them and then the next minute, everyone wants so confused.

That leads me to my question: are teen relationships a trend?

I refresh y Facebook news feed about a hundred 5 times every 2 hours, and about 85% ( ignore my statistics.they’re random and meant to exaggerate my point) of my news feed is either about love,tips on a relationship,a desperate person wanting a relationship or a completely staged cuffing pic. Trust me,it’s a sight to see (not really).

For some reason, everyone feels like they’re an expert on love. Of course, some have more experience with relationships than others, and therefore, they can offer a few words of wisdom. This however, does not mean you know everything. I barely listen to those older than me and you think I’ll take your advice on love? I’ll pass. The only people I’ll take relationship advice from,is an old married HAPPY couple.

Then there’s those who constantly say “I want a relationship” or “I need a girl to hold me down” or the most famous “I think it’s time to settle down”. You think it’s time to settle down? You haven’t even graduated from high school yet!I honestly don’t see the rush in settling down. Grown men aren’t even capable of settling down,what makes you think you can? To me, you’re better off enjoying the last year you have as a minor and simply have have your whole life to settle down.theres many people in this world and many things to see. Relationships are fine,but don’t count on finding “the one” so early in life.

So here’s why I think it’s a trend. The more popular tumblr got, the cuffing pics we see. The more cuffing pics we see, the more it makes people want relationships. This leads me to believe people don’t want relationships for the beauty of having someone, they want it simply for that cuffing pic. Nothing screams desperation the way this does. A relationship should be more than a picture. If this is what it’s been degraded to,I’m in no rush for one.

maybe it’s me, or the friends that I have. Maybe it’s me AND the friends I have, but relationships arent appealing to us. Don’t get me wrong, if we meet that person that does it for us( I mean really does it for us) then Of course we’ll be with them. But right now, ehh. Not priority. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that we were with guys for long periods of time and break ups were hard.we had three different situations,all equally frustrating and draining. Add school and teen life, and you have a big old bowl of stress. Since we can’t get rid of school and teen life is inevitable,relationships can wait.most people my age only look at the glitz and glam of me, when it’s time to move on,someone is going to have a harder time than the other.

I just don’t see why people are in a rush for it. Live your life.if it happens,it happens. But don’t force it.


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