The Cave!

This post is mainly to share a little wisdom with the ladies.

Many relationship experts commonly refer to the “Man-Cave”. What is it? Why is it necessary for men to retreat there?

Every woman I know has at one time or another witnessed her man retreating into silence. This may look like he is withdrawing, not calling, or uninterested in you. As women, we want to know why they aren’t communicating, and often times, we look for logic where there is none. We sometimes panick and begin our “badgering” inquisitions. I’m going explain why that is not a good idea.

Let’s try to understand the necessity of the “Man-Cave”. Men process everything in their lives one area, challenge, or person at a time. Unlike women, they are not equipped to multi-task their lives. So often, when they are faced with a task or challenge, they immediately go into “fix-it” mode. That means everything else is placed on hold. However, it doesn’t mean that you lose importance to them. In fact, its the opposite – it is perceived as important enough to protect you from whatever the challenge may be, or simply that he needs space to become a better man.

The “Man-Cave” is a place where he retreats to process his processes or improve himself. He is sorting out his feelings, which can sometimes take him a minute to digest, or trying to come up with a solution to a perceived challenge. He comes out of the Cave with a plan that makes him appear like your hero. Men crave appreciation, they love it when you acknowledge and appreciate them. So, ladies, be mindful of your critical tongue when he comes out of the Cave.

Don’t be insecure when he goes into the “Man-Cave”. Understand that this is a part of his personal, emotional, and spiritual growth. When he comes out and faces an understanding, secure, and complimenting woman, he will do back flips for you.

So, when he’s not calling as much, or not showing the attention you need, ask him if he needs some space – some time alone. Not as an ultimatum, but as a suggestion. He will be shocked, but pleasantly accepting of the offer.

Find something to positively preoccupy yourselves with until your impending reunion – I promise you will be satisfied and more loving towards each other.


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