All too often I hear women complain about giving head. They hate it.

This causes problems of course because all of the men I know just absolutely love nothing better than having a willing girl, with an open mouth, positioned between their legs. What I don’t seem to be able to grasp, to the dismay of many of my female friends, is why anyone would hate it so much.

When I do ask what the problem is no one can really tell me, I usually just get a response that equates to the fact that they can’t really be bothered, or they think it’s not important, or they don’t think their partner likes it anyway. Well here’s news for you girls; if any of the above apply, he won’t be bothered, he won’t enjoy it, and he’ll eventually give up trying.

“men I know just absolutely love nothing better than having a willing girl,with an open mouth, positioned between their legs”

What you need to do is learn how to love sucking cock. I love doing it because I know I’m good at it; it’s as simple as that. It’s like anything really, if you’re constantly showered with compliments for your efforts, you’ll learn to love doing it. More than that though, I actually enjoy it to the point that it turns me on so much that it could be me being serviced. I love it because it makes me feel in a position of power.

Others might argue that being on your knees at the helm of a man, allowing him to fuck your face is hardly a position of power but I digress. I believe that in those moments when you’re creating intense pleasure for your partner with only your willing mouth, you literally hold his balls in your hand. Ask a man for anything in the world at this point and he will agree to give it to you. It’s also satisfying to know that though men rule the world, as women we are all too often in control of their biggest weakness. Now think again about whether it’s really a demeaning act.

What many of these none-cock-sucking women I hear of probably don’t understand is that men aren’t looking for you to showcase reams of gobble tricks. The key to the perfect blow job is simple enthusiasm. If you enjoy it, he’ll enjoy it too. This is not intended to be an instructional guide; it’s more about getting into the right mind-set. You should learn to love cock, enjoy the way its hardness is wrapped in silk soft skin, and notice how it responds to each touch and change of rhythm.

” You should learn to love cock, enjoy the way its hardness is wrapped in silk soft skin”

What I’m really trying to say here is that being offered a perfectly formed cock to suck it a delight, it’s a pleasure, and it’s a gift. It should never be a chore and if it becomes one, you’re doing something wrong. Do it because you enjoy it not because you want to please you boyfriend or other half but most importantly do not spit. Ever.

  1. wobsy said:

    I really enjoy oral, both giving and receiving. Like you, I don’t see why so many women have a problem. Not liking cum in mouth is often offered as an excuse but I don’t think it’s a good one. I won’t cum in a woman’s mouth unless she wants me to. I love it when she cums in mine.

  2. This post turned me on like a muhfucka. I want some head right now because you were so right on point with this one.

    But, it’s true. A lot of women don’t pleasure their man with fellatio for a number of reasons and too often it leads to that man finding it elsewhere. There are even cases where the man loves to go down on his woman but feels so unappreciated when she refuses to return the favor.

    I’m glad there are still some women out there who enjoy taking care of their man.

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