Everyone is talking about Mary J. Blige Burger King Commercial. One blog leads to another blog, which leads to dozen of comments, disputing if the commercial is racist or not? Or is it just something that we wish she never did because it is not what we expect from a Grammy award singer.

In an “An Open Letter to Mary J Blige” by Dementria L. Lucas, one of my favorite blogist responded to the comerical after she read a very detail “#AdFAIL:5 Ways Burger King Gave Mary the Short End of the (Chicken) Strip,” by Thembisa S. Mshaka.

And my response…

All weekend I was bombarded with my boyfriend singing Mary J Blige Burger King lyrics. He was, poking fun in disbelief that a Grammy award singer decided to add this commercial to her portfolio. He feels like her singing about fried chicken is…

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