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Mobb Deep: Biggest Hip-Hop Splits

In Coming To America, Eddie Murphy tells his friend, “It is also tradition that times must and always do change, my friend.”Though he was putting that in the context of choosing his own bride, that quote can be used in plenty of scenarios. Take rap crew splits, for instance. We though we would never see the day Prodigy and Havoc go back and forth on, of all things, Twitter. But it has happened. With Mobb Deep sending some rap fans’ heads spinning, 411 WebZine decided to retrace the steps of some of the most shocking splits in urban music. Share your thoughts in the comments.

 Leaders of the New School While the Millenials were still learning their ABC’s, Leaders of the New School were on their way out of the rap game. After breaking onto the scene in 1991 with guest spots…

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