New Monica

Monica is planning on releasing her new album in the fall of 2012 called “New Life”,

According to Straight in the A, In describing her newly released single ‘Take a Chance,’ the soulful songstress told AOL’s The BoomBox, it’s all about not being afraid of change.

The Rico Love produced track also features Wale and Monica describes how his addition made it all come together.

I added someone to the song that’s like a brother to me, and that’s Wale. Wale was able to bring about a special quality ’cause he’s the type of person that shares without hesitation. So on the record, you know he pretty much starts off by saying, “Don’t love me shorty,” like, he’s basically giving the woman the warning, but it says, “Let’s just take a chance. Take a hand. Take a leap. Go where most don’t understand.” States Monica

Which means it’s OK if you find that special someone, to change all of the things around you. So, it’s a pretty special record to me.

Listen to Monica’s “Take a Chance” ft. Wale below


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