Be Safe Everyone!!!


Criminals do not just attack any target. They often choose those who are more assailable, especially women. Women and children have become the primary victims of violence these days. It can be threatening for women to step out of their homes all by themselves. The situation makes them feel like they are being stalked upon. True enough, the world is getting unsafe for the majority of us. When you try to watch the news on the television, you would always hear crimes and other unpleasant happenings in the society. Thence, if you want to veer away from being caught up in a threatening situation, you might as well learn these safety tips that were especially created for vulnerable women like you.

Sharpen Awareness
Self-defense does not actually entail just those hard kicks and punches. That’s exactly not what self-defense is cracked up to be. Do you know that the greatest self-defense you could have is raising your awareness? By merely sharpening your senses and becoming more aware, you can do so much to protect yourself. Thus, the moment you go out somewhere especially when you’re going on your own, your level of awareness should definitely be heightened. Don’t appear too frightened though because you will be an easy target for the bad guys out there. You just have to be alert of what’s going on in the surroundings without ever losing your composure.

Trust Your Gut Feeling
You should also learn to trust your gut feelings. Others call it instinct. Nearly each of us has their own gut feeling but not everybody pays attention or even tried to listen to it. When you can feel that something isn’t just right, don’t disregard it because more often than not it can become real.

Martial Arts
The different forms of martial arts are always an option when talking about self-defense for women. You need not really get martial arts lessons from a studio. Often, they would teach you martial arts strategies that are nearly impossible for you to perform. You have a huge resource. You can browse through the web for related videos. It would also be great if you can have a personal trainer who can help execute an actual scenario of the danger that might just be prowling around.

Arm Yourself
These days you can already have several personal non-lethal weapons such as taser guns, stun guns, can safe, maze sprays and a whole lot more. If you want, you can also own a gun but this involves a number of risks that you definitely don’t want to be in. On the other hand, you may opt to use those non-lethal weapons because these pose lesser risk especially on your part. These are also pretty nifty to carry. You can place this in your purse without getting noticed. These are just some of the security tips you can master.

Nonetheless, before anything else happens it would be best to escape your attacker and yell for help. Getting away from the offender would always be the best choice. So, carefully plan your escape.


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