Dedicated To All My HATERS!!!

Have you ever asked yourself how many haters do you have in this world? If they are all just around you or somewhere else? Aren’t you confuse of their reasons why do they hate you? Isn’t so nice to have haters like them? Because in my point of view, haters make my world more interesting. Yes, sometimes they stress me out but most of the time they make me laugh. In a way that they get irritated on me though I’m not doing anything to them. Wierd, right?

They say, “Love your haters”, so I do. I love them because they are wasting their time on me. I’m thankful though because without them there’ll be nobody that will talk about me, making my name be promoted to others. Yes, it might be on a negative way but at least I am being known. I don’t care if others will believe my haters because I know myself more than they know me. I won’t get affected because they are nonsense to deal with. What matters is I have friends who know the whole me and who really I am. Oh c’mon! Haters are like paparazzi, and I feel like an artist. See? It feels so great then. It is when they are always putting you on headline and that everybody’s talking about you. Funny? But somehow, insulting. Gaaah!

Well, to end this up..

For all my haters, thank you! Lucky to have you all! You’re making me famous! Keep going and let “karma” manage your doings! My only wish for you guys is long life! I know time will come that you’ll get to realize how dirty your minds are. :) Someday, you’ll wash your own head and will see the brighter side of me! More power guys!

Haters? This is life!


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