Was Zimmerman’s Apology A Little Too Late?


Before I address the bail amount and George Zimmerman’s release, I wanted to focus on Zimmerman’s apology.

I wanted to say I am sorry for the loss of your son,” Zimmerman said.  “I did not know how old he was. I thought he was a little bit younger than I am. And I did not know if he was armed or not.

I don’t know if the apology was sincere or genuine, nor do I care.  It just came too late.  Why didn’t he apologize before on that little website of his.  An apology is not an admission of guilt, after all.  It would have been nice to see or hear that he sympathized with the Martin family for their loss as well as the public outrage from it.  I don’t want to pick his statement apart, but I don’t get what he means by not knowing how old Trayvon Martin was. Did it matter? If he were older, would this have been any better?  Also, whether he was armed or not is no longer the issue.  He was told by the emergency operator to not approach the “suspect.”  The self-defense crutch no longer stands.  The photo of the back of his head bleeding doesn’t prove anything.  Of course, I believe his apology was a shameless attempt at sympathy from the court, general public, and the media.  So, he’s sorry, but he gets to go home to his family until trial.  Trayvon Martin doesn’t have that opportunity anymore.  Is there any appropriate apology he could have given to the grieving Martin family?  I don’ t think so.

In regards to the bail, I think it’s ridiculously low based on his past, history, and the level of attention this case has received.  This guy shouldn’t be on the streets roaming free.  He’s exhibited violent behavior in the past, and wasn’t he missing a few days before he finally turned himself in to the police? As with the apology, I don’t know what an appropriate bail amount would be, but I just know he shouldn’t be released after spending only a week or more in jail.  Is the bond hearing any indication or foreshadowing of what the verdict will be?  I’m sorry I just don’t have that much trust in our justice system.  I desperately fear the courts will hand down a not guilty verdict based on the Florida laws, and I’m even more fearful how the public will react to it.


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