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Arrgghh! that frustrating moment when you’re getting ready to go out and you can’t seem to find anything to wear and your room is in such a state that if anyone broke into your house they would turn around and leave because they assumed someone had already beaten them to it. Boy have I been there….the frustrating moment not the break and enter.

One thing that we can all be guilty of though is complicating things. We attach meanings to the basic of things, we can overanalyse to the point of insanity but it doesn’t mean our utfits or wardrobes have to be this way. Some of the most stylish and classic looks owe all to basics. One basic that I have recently been reunited with is the humble T-shirt and jeans combination.

Supre T-shirt $10

Is it easy? yes! boring? no! Just as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder I believe so is the interpreatation of an outfit. What may be plain to one person will be clean and stylish to another. There are many reasons to love this particular style a key aspect being comfort, while bandage dresses may be suitable for a night out they can be a bit akward and uncomfortable for a grocery shop, a T-shirt and jeans can be altered to suit either occasion. How? Simple accessories.

This gives you the chance to experiment with different accessories or explore new elements to your own style. Afterall you can spend hundreds on an outfit but if you’re not feeling comfortable or good about yourself in it what’s the point? I personally love a crisp white tee, indigo or light wash jeans and a oversized watch with my favourite sunglasses. Perfect!

I just love this picture of Lauren Conrad owning this look!

For nights out there are even more options, acessories are not simply limited to jewellry and bags. You can use your make up to dress up an outfit but one particular way I enoy dressing up this basic look is with another love of mine, the blazer. A blazer can automatically take an outfit from casual to polished. All without stress and fuss!

So next time you’re experiencing a wardrobe meltdown relax, breathe and go back to basics. Afterall there’s a reason why these looks have survived while so many others have failed.


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