Got To Love Pink!!


From Grease to Legally Blonde to Mean girls the colour pink has always played a part in fashion. Whether it was a streak of the vibrant colour in your hair to a full wash of the colour in your outfit. Pink can be incorporated into your outfit in many subtle and powerful ways. Love it or hate it it’s been part of fashion and our lives for many years. One of my favourite ways to add colour to an outfit is through shoes. Oh how exciting it is to think of all the different colours and styles that are available to us this season. Do I own a pair of these amazing life changing shoes? Hmmm of course! I own enough of these to change my life a hundred times over. However on this occasion the shoes are my fuschia pink Freelance wedges.

Ahhh there is so much I love about these shoes. As every woman who has ever worn a pair of heels in her life will atest that comfort is not traditionally associated with wearing heels but the wedge style of this shoe makes them more comfortable to wear than your traditional stiletto. That does not make these your average old shoe. The cute cut out detail with the lace up front creates the perfect combination of style and intrigue, all while helping you polish up on those lace tying skills that we thought were banished back to our school days.

While I do love a classic I am a firm believer that not just fashion but life should not be played safely. Have fun with colour and your style. Let your outfit do the talking for you without you having to say a word. Afterall life isn’t a dress rehersal so next time your stuck on what to wear think pink!


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