Like A Cup Of Coffee


Not quite coffee, not quite hot chocolate but somewhere in the zone of inbetween that’s where our chai lattes were. Inbetween, hmmm that is where my life was situated lately, in a zone of indistinction and uncertainty.

The need to escape the confines of my racing mind was the reason for the cafe adventure. But there we were Bee and I discussing the complexities of life, its randomness, its hardships and perhaps one of the most discussed topics of allrelationships.

As we sat on the black leather sofa sipping away at the sweet chai flavoured warmth a realisation began to occur. What I had once thought of as a promising prospect for a relationship was not so. Excitement at the thought of seeing him again turned into thoughts of what game would he be playing next. Then Bee stated the obvious while we had been spending time together for a while now if it was this difficult and the relationship hadn’t even been defined how difficult would it be to maintain? That registered loud and clear, I was both sad and annoyed.

Why was my time wasted? why did I allow myself to get emotionally attached to someone who now seems to be toying with my heart and mind? While I may not get the anwsers to these questions one thing became obviously clear. Guys would walk in and out of my life but it was friends like Bee that truly mattered and brought everything into perspective.

Bee reminded me of all the fun things you can do and fun you can have. Yes failed attempts at relationships arn’t fun but fun are the friendships that are there to help pick you up when you’re down. So plan that girls night out, forget about drama and have fun!


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