Why? Why? Why?


Why? This word has become one of the most used, anxiety provoking and confusing words I have come across. We use it so commonly and yet when it matters the most that little word provides us with the least amount of anwsers or clarification.

It’s the cause of many sleepless nights or tears on our pillows. We wonderwhy did that “friend” say such a hurtful thing? why did we get rejected? whyare we still letting it affect us that badly?

While we’re thinking about all the reasons or overthinking every little thing we said or did are we getting those anwsers we’re driving ourselves crazy for? Are the people that made us feel that way concerned about how we are feeling? No! Their getting on with it.

The only question you should be wondering is why arn’t you getting on with it? Of course things may be tough at first and we all may have made mistakes but would you rather dwell on the situation for another day, week or year and risk missing out on your life? Give youself a chance, don’t give up the power to your own life so freely to someone else.

We can ask why but sometimes we don’t get the anwsers we want, not everyone will be nice, not everyone will want your help but there is one person who you can help…..yourself. Next time we dwell on the why think instead about the why not, why not give yourself a chance, wonder about what you’ll miss out on if you don’t.


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