Basketball Wives Drama!!!


Before I get started, let me just say, I enjoy watching reality tv. So with that being said, I have to talk about Basketball Wives (BBW). Now this season of bbw, the cast members were all divided and the show seemed really choppy or dislocated because Evelyn and Jen are no longer friends. Due to this separation it seemed to me, that each episode consisted of many spliced scenes of everyone either eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It seemed very forced. But as the season continues into episode 5 and onward, you could tell that after the bestfriend break up drama was over, they needed something else to talk about. Then Kesha and Kenya became the targets of attention. Evelyn and Tami were ready to sniff for dirt… even though to me none had come up yet, really. However Ev and Tami played Kesha and Kenya against one another. They started saying someone in this group is a liar. Yet when they said the statement, no one had lied yet. The word liar seemed to turn on the heat and then thats when the drama got started because Kesha and Kenya then began to say well you said this and you said that. And low and behold Kesha said Kenya called Evelyn “loose”. WHY DID SHE SAY THAT! You know it was on and poppin after that. On the other hand though, there is a lesson to be learned from all of this for Evelyn. When you go sniffing for dirt just to create drama you may find out something you don’t want to know. Its all fun and games into you realize that someone is calling you a “hoe”.

On another note, If you haven’t heard already,I would like to be the first to tell you that word in the street or on the super highway is viewers are petitioning against Evelyn. They are saying “do not reward her violent behavior with a spinoff show.”. Now whatever could these viewers be talking about…hmmm. Lets recount some hittin’, stompin’, and crackin’ moments with our girl Evelyn.

1.Well the season opened with her telling Jen to calm down or she would get punch in the MF’in face.

2. She saw Jen at Shaunie’s B-day party and seized the opportunity to squeeze her clutch in a 3 inche gap to smack Jen in her head…I must say that was kinda funny when Tami and Ev were talking about it later.

3. She reached for a wine bottle to crack over Kenya’s head, but when she couldn’t crack her, she then throw it at her leg and chucked a plate at her head.

4. She leaped on and over a dinner table and came across to get Jen yet again.

So I guess this is what viewers are complaining about. They feel that she is not be a role model for other women and young ladies. Yet, my question is why do we look to tv for role models with our children. Last time I checked it is the parents job to be the proper role model for their children. My husband and I are parents and personally, I am not looking for celebrities to be role models for my son.

So talk to me! Should Evelyn or any other reality tv star have the responsibility of being role models to America’s children? Are you feeling this season of BBW? Will you protest Evelyn’s spinoff show?


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