OPI Minnie Mouse Collection


OPI is releasing this little mini collection this summer and I am ECSTATIC about it! I adore Disney and I adore Minnie Mouse so this is right up my alley. Its all shades of pinks/reds and one glitter topcoat. The 4 shades include:

I’m All Ears: Magenta with shimmer

If You Moust You Moust: Blue-toned pink creme

The Color of Minnie: A red with slight pearl/shimmer finish

Nothin’ Mousine About It: A pink glitter topcoat with pieces of chunky heart glitter

I think I am going to pick up The Color of Minnie (perhaps just for the name) and then possibly I’m All Ears. I think I can pass on the other two as I already have some decent pink cremes and glitter topcoats just aren’t my thang.

Are there any shades from this collection you and going to grab? Tell me!

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