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Em confirmed today that while the show is getting an Atlanta spinoff as well as a third season of the original, she won’t be a part of it.  Emily tweeted:

There will be a 3rd Season of #loveandhiphop NY but I will not be a cast member. The show was a great experience.. Thank you Mona & Stefan

But…. You won’t miss me for long 😉 hmmm.. #Vh1

Honestly this is the smartest move Em has made yet.   But if she’s hinting that she’s getting her own show–I just can’t see her man doing any type of public show with her.  And she can’t carry a show alone.  So who knows….

And seeing that she tweets daily pics of herself in the tightest curve hugging dresses & jeans she can find…chick may just be content in the platform she now has to show off her styling skills…and her relationship with…

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