5 Mistakes Women Make

Let’s be honest: Dating is getting tougher.

Let’s be honest: Dating could be easier if women didn’t make the 5 following mistakes:

Do nothing.  Some women believe that when the time is right or when they will the least expect it, it will happen: they will meet him. Let’s be honest: if you are reading this blog you don’t believe in this saying anymore and you are willing to take a more pro-active approach. You are right: you will meet him because you make it happen.
Wait for men to make the first move.  Some women wait for men to find out that they are single and make the first move. Let’s be honest: it doesn’t happen this way anymore. Men rarely face their fear of rejection unless you clearly show them that you are interested in them. Either look at them with your best smile to let them know you are interested in them, or go to them.
Believe that they will be accepted the way they are.  Men have choice but let’s be honest, they will always go for feminine women: a woman who looks after herself, dresses like a woman, has discrete makeup, combs her hair, and more importantly behaves like a woman. They may accept you the way you are after you prove them that you are a woman worth having, not before.
Don’t know what they are looking for.  Some women cannot find their man because they don’t know what they are looking for in a man. If they knew it, they would be looking for it and would stop looking once they have found it. Another alternative is that they expectations are so high that they have become unrealistic. Be clear and it will happen
Wait for the man to do all the work.  Some women think that their date must do anything: look for the venue, arrange the details, pay the bill, make conversation, etc. This may sounds like the ideal situation, but it only depicts you in the worst way possible: someone who is dependent. On the contrary show initiative and interest in him and the dating process, and you’ll win him over in no time.


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