Love and Men

Great men write love letters to their beloved when they feel that person is worth it. Voltair [ enlightened thinker whose actions resembled words], Beethoven [pianist who entraped music with emotion], Vincent Van Gogh [visonary painter that erupted ideals to canvass] and Napoleon Bonaparte [european war strategist gifted with charisma], all had one thing in common. LOVE.

I may not be able to catch the attention of others through words. I may not musically satisfy the ears of those who crave elaborate musical scores. I may not paint with all the right colors or even use the correct words to evoke feeling, leaving you with a picture perfect understanding of life to my understanding. I may not even be the most charismatic leader to create a vast empire so quickly, but the truth is I am me and like them I love as any other man does. And like any other man, if you can stand the fight through the walls of his heart you’ll find a treasure more presious than Earth’s finest minerals. ENJOY!

LOVE. It pervaded my mind and flooded my soul. It overtook my inhibitions as my emotions took control. My heart panted for you as my breathing called your name. Unspoken words flowed from my lips through personified actions that were sometimes too passionate to disdain.

My body felt your heart’s vibrations as our spirits flowed like water and our souls intertwined. Im not referring to sex, but the making of love to the mind. Friendship first, but your kindness captivated me and your love overwhelmed me. Your touch calmed me as your kiss released me. Your silence showed me about security and how to transform the quietness into serenity.

Your natural beauty radiated from the inside out with your flaws as your strengths and your strengths as proven happiness. Either way, I just want you. Im don’t to pretend to have nothing wrong with me, for I have my flaws too. Question is, will you accept me for who I am now or look at me through vengeful eyes as the old me vs. you? Im not God, but a mere mortal so I dare not cover up the invisible reflecting walls of who I am. I did that once and lost you, but then reality struck. Pictures of you still make my heart faint and my bones knock. When I was afraid to love and afraid to trust, your love held me. It took a while to totally admit it, but I this is my poetic phrasing of the hope for a brand new start with love abounding all the more…


Ladies: Why do you believe men love with all of themselves at least once in their lives, but don’t always give as much in other relationships?

Men: Why do you think women are not always understanding of who you are and the factor of time, especially when you seek to understand them?

All: Why does love seem to have boundaries? Shouldn’t it be boundless?


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