Exotica Lira and Pansy!

So today I decided to go for my weekly manicure. It was a stressful day and I needed it. My mother had gall bladder surgery and was in the hospital all day with her! So after making sure she was ok and stable I went to the nail salon and got my manicure. Lucky for me I own over 200 nail polish colors and can bring my own and not have to pick theirs! Today I decided to go with two of my favorite pinks by Essie, Exotic Liras and Pansy! Here’s how they came out!!



The color on my ring finger is Pansy and the rest of my hand is Exotica Liras. In the picture below Exotica Lira is to the left and Pansy is to the right! Hope you guys like! Please give me your opinion in the colors!!!



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