I so beyond annoyed and frustrated. I need to get this off my chest!

I went out Friday night with a friend and was drinking and having fun when a group of guys that are “friends” with my boyfriend spotted me. So to be nice I went and did the nice thing and said hi to them to be nice. I thought that would be the end of it! Well, I was WRONG!

They ended up staring at me the whole night and watching every move I make. I noticed they were looking but I didn’t care. Because I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I wasn’t dancing with other guys or acting stupid making my boyfriend look bad. My boyfriend knew who I was with and where I was at all times so I had nothing to hide. But towards the end of the night one of my boyfriend’s “friends” came up to me and asked me to come smoke a cigarette with him, since I didn’t want to be rude I said ok. When I get outside the rest of my boyfriend’s “friends” are outside. Well, let’s the just say the things they said got me a little offended.

The fact that one of them thought I was my boyfriend’s ex and didn’t realize I was his girlfriend truly got me upset. I understand you haven’t seen my boyfriend in over 7-8 months but my boyfriend and his ex broke up 4 years ago and we’ve been together for over 2 years now. How stupid can you be? And on top of that we look nothing alike.

Now as much as I wanted to black on this idiot, I just laughed it off. I explained to him and all these men that I was his girlfriend and that we’ve been together for over 2 years. Then once I said that they want to start making jokes about of we are engaged or about to have kids yet.. And what made me laugh is one of them said “OMG, I didn’t recognize you! Please tell your husband I said hi”. Then they kept asking if my boyfriend was coming.

I felt like I was in a twilight zone! They literally stayed until the end just to see if he was coming! As if I’m not allowed out without him. Now I know in an early post I complained about not liking my boyfriend going out all the time but I’m getting over that because I trust him. But now I understand why he doesn’t like me going out without him. Because all these so called “friends” he has are truly on his dick! Watching everyone of his moves and mine as well because to them I’m his “old ball an chain”. All I have to stay is just because we’ve been together for over 2 years doesn’t mean we are getting married and I’m popping out babies! Yes we do want to get married and have kids but it’s too soon!

I guess my boyfriend is right when he says to me “Always watch your surroundings”!


When you go out in public you should know how to act. No matter where whether it’s a bar, club or a restaurant. It’s not nice to stare or grill someone down. Especially if you see the person with someone. It’s just rude. If you see a girl with her man you should never stare her down or grill her man. It’s just wrong and disrespectful. This is the basics of life. Most parents teach this to their children from day one. You wouldn’t like it if someone stares you down, so why do it. If you know the person why stare at them and follow them with your eyes. Either say hi or keep it moving. What you don’t realize is the person you are staring at most likely realizes you are staring at them. The whole point is whether you do or don’t know the person you should never stare them down. That’s how contractile start, especially at the bars and clubs. It makes you look like a creeper!

Another thing, when in the bar or club if you bump into someone say excuse me or apologize. It’s truly not that hard. It all goes back to the basics. When you bump into someone or walk into them an don’t apologize it starts problems. This is how stupid bar and club fights start.

But the most important thing is don’t ever try to pick up a male or girl at the bar or club if you see them with someone. It’s just down right wrong. Especially if you see them close and all kissy face with each other! You wouldn’t like it if someone does it to you while you are with someone, so why do it to them??

All in all it’s all about respect! You need to be respectful in public. Don’t act loose or like a fool. That’s how issues occur! Im pretty sure everyones parents taught them how to act in public. So try to follow that. Because if you don’t you will always get into altercations when going out in public. It’s all about etiquette!