Here’s Chris Brown’s new song “Turn Up The Music Remix” featuring Rihanna. It will be interesting to see how people are going to react to these two collaborating together once again. A lot of Rihanna’s fans seem to be upset about it. They also have another song together “Birthday Cake Remix” as well. Rumors are circulating around that videos for both these songs are in the works to come soon.

My question is should people just stop judging and hating on Chris Brown about what happened in the past with Rihanna since she forgave him? Or should they still be mad and bash him?

Personally I love this song as well as the other. As for letting them be, all I have to say is if she can forgive him then we should respect that and let them be!


I so beyond annoyed and frustrated. I need to get this off my chest!

I went out Friday night with a friend and was drinking and having fun when a group of guys that are “friends” with my boyfriend spotted me. So to be nice I went and did the nice thing and said hi to them to be nice. I thought that would be the end of it! Well, I was WRONG!

They ended up staring at me the whole night and watching every move I make. I noticed they were looking but I didn’t care. Because I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I wasn’t dancing with other guys or acting stupid making my boyfriend look bad. My boyfriend knew who I was with and where I was at all times so I had nothing to hide. But towards the end of the night one of my boyfriend’s “friends” came up to me and asked me to come smoke a cigarette with him, since I didn’t want to be rude I said ok. When I get outside the rest of my boyfriend’s “friends” are outside. Well, let’s the just say the things they said got me a little offended.

The fact that one of them thought I was my boyfriend’s ex and didn’t realize I was his girlfriend truly got me upset. I understand you haven’t seen my boyfriend in over 7-8 months but my boyfriend and his ex broke up 4 years ago and we’ve been together for over 2 years now. How stupid can you be? And on top of that we look nothing alike.

Now as much as I wanted to black on this idiot, I just laughed it off. I explained to him and all these men that I was his girlfriend and that we’ve been together for over 2 years. Then once I said that they want to start making jokes about of we are engaged or about to have kids yet.. And what made me laugh is one of them said “OMG, I didn’t recognize you! Please tell your husband I said hi”. Then they kept asking if my boyfriend was coming.

I felt like I was in a twilight zone! They literally stayed until the end just to see if he was coming! As if I’m not allowed out without him. Now I know in an early post I complained about not liking my boyfriend going out all the time but I’m getting over that because I trust him. But now I understand why he doesn’t like me going out without him. Because all these so called “friends” he has are truly on his dick! Watching everyone of his moves and mine as well because to them I’m his “old ball an chain”. All I have to stay is just because we’ve been together for over 2 years doesn’t mean we are getting married and I’m popping out babies! Yes we do want to get married and have kids but it’s too soon!

I guess my boyfriend is right when he says to me “Always watch your surroundings”!

Are we are that naive, stupid, desperate, or quick to settle? I mean in every relationship we have signs rather they are good or bad. It’s all about how we respond to them. The past few days I been talking with a few girlfriends, co-workers and looking in the mirror! Apparently we are all falling in one of the above categories. It’s ok to see a sign and no that it is there if it is something you can live with down the road. I’m talking about Red Flags!!! These are things that you know you hate but you just ignore them to keep the relationship going…well hun sorry to tell you but the shit is going to blow up in your face! *steps back from the mirror* LOL…I’m going to list a few but know that Red Flags will be on a case by case basis because each one of us is different and have different standards and expectations and well some don’t have none at all!


1. Constantly comparing you to his/her Ex
2. They don’t acknowledge things that are important to you.
3. Putting you in a compromising situation on the regular
4. Never taking you around their family
5. Keep their phone on silent or off the entire time you all are together
6. Refer to other women as bitches or hoes and other disrespectful names that’s not on their birth certificate
7. Only call you when they are horny
8. Lie about small things
9. Never take you to their home
10. Want you to check in all day
11. Come to your house unannounced
12. Checks your phone
13. Gets upset when you hang out with your friends
14. Sniff your panties (ok just kidding but hey if they do…um run from their sick ass) LOL
15. Never take you in public places
16. Lackcommunication skills
17. Can’t keep a job ( I can’t say don’t have one because today economy may play a role in that)
18. Have children with multiple women/men and lots of drama
19. Never admits when they are wrong
20. Can’t please you sexually!!!

Feel free to add more and lets discuss the ones listed here. Are these things that would be a problem for you in a long-term relationship and why or why not? For instance for me don’t compare me to your Ex unless you want to be mine (get it)! I mean if she is your Ex then that mean she wasn’t what you wanted so if I remind you of her then how am I suppose to feel.

Another one is communication: If every time we disagree on something you shut down and we can’t get pass the moment unless we just bypass it with silence then that’s a problem. Communication is the key to a successful relationship! Communication and Great Sex!! Yup that’s what I said…

Are you constipated? Full of shit you need to release? Things you just been holding in that you would feel a lot better if you just let out! Just remember once it’s out it’s out…People spend their hold life hiding secrets holding back on their feelings to either face the truth or protect someone else feelings. Release it tonight! Let it Go…don’t let it Go and pick it back up…that’s messy! Let it Go and Move On…

I’m so over hearing people getting so upset about what someone post on a website. Most of the problem is people won’t stay out of other folks business. Like this blog here…I discuss random issues. I write about general topics, true stories to short stories…but I’m not using names. Yet, if someone finds my site they may be offended or upset about what I have posted. Well I’m sorry but this is my thing, it’s my blog and if I wanted it to get back to you I would post names and invite you to my blog. Facebook most of the people who are upset about a post are people who was never a friend of your page. Why? Because they are Facebook stalkers or have their dumb ass friends stalking for them and someone is faking to be cool with you on your page to cause drama. So is it really social sites that is the problem? No it is not, it is the people who take a good thing and make it bad!

They’re back for another season! Got to love SOA. This season is going to be crazier then the last three. For those that don’t know what SOA is I will try to sum it up. It’s about a biker club, that started off years ago in a town called Charming. It shows you how things change over the years and how even in the club corrupt things can happen. From killing a club member’s wife to screwing each other over, but in the end it’s all about brotherhood and being a family. Including old ladies too. Everyone must follow the rules and morals of the club, wear the cut and ride together no matter what. They will fight, kill and die for each other. Even if it means killing other gangs off or even killing federal agents! Crazy right?

It’s starts off with all types of drama. The men just get out of jail, after being in there for almost two years. It truly was tough on the club to have half their men in jail. But they made it work. While in jail the Russians that the club were dealing with decided to seek revenge and play dirty. They stabbed the VP of SOA in jail. For those that don’t know that is Jax. He’s also the main character. When the boys get out, everything has changed. It’s not the town they know anymore. New people run the town and want SOA out! When I mean out, I mean they are watching them 24/7 to make sure the moment they screw up, they got them.

But SOA, is not ready to go down without a fight. First things first, they want and need to settle the score with the Russians. So they decide to kill them when they go pick up the guns from them. Because it’s all retaliation from the Russians stealing and almost killing one of their own. Not realizing that while killing the russians, that they killed an undercover federal agent! Crazy I know! But this is what SOA does, as I explained.

Truly just wondering now what is going to come next. SOA is going to fight to the end to keep their town, the way it was. They don’t line change. Because if it changes, they will no longer be in control or be able to do what they want to do! It’s going to be a crazy season for sure. From gun trade, to maybe getting involved with drugs. Even keeping secrets from each other. All I can say is, there is going to be a lot of guns going off! And SOA is going to be doing most of the shooting.

Amazing show that I think everyone should be watching. So tune into FOX Network at 10pm every Tuesday! It’s not a show you want to miss! Especially if you like guns, money, sex and bikes!

Written by: Dee

Source: FOX Network

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