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According to the lovely Necole Bitchie over the weekend Kid Cudi was out rocking his Marty McFlys. Which he reportedly paid 5 figures for four pairs of the these amazing and vintage sneakers. The vintage shoes could only be obtained through an Ebay auction with proceeds going towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation to benefit Parkinson’s disease.

Sidenote: If you don’t know about the Marty McFlys shoes then I think you should take a look at this movie [Back To The Future 1,2, & 3]

Here some picture of Kid Cudi sporting his new kicks:

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I know every female has felt one time or another that they are not sexy or attractive. This happens a lot in today’s world. A lot of females think that just because they are too skinny or over weight that they are not attractive. Even though they have a man in their life that adores and loves them they still feel this way. It truly could be for any reason they feel this way. From being talked down to when they were younger, not being in the best shape, or even their ex making them feel like sh*t.

What ever the reason is that they feel that way, there is always ways to fix it. Now I’m not saying go get plastic surgery to make your boobs bigger or get surgery to lose weight. If that’s what you want to do that’s fine, but just remember don’t do it just to fit in and look good. Do it to make yourself happy. There are other ways to make yourself feel and look attractive. Buy some sexy lingerie, treat yourself to the spa, get your hair done. Also, when in bed with your partner dress up for them, have fun in bed by role-playing or using toys, its fun and they will become more attracted to you.

The person you are in a relationship with and going to bed with, should be attracted to you and love you. Otherwise they wouldn’t be with you for so long. You have to learn to bring down the walls of your insecurities when in bed with the person you love. Remember they are with you because in their eyes they found you attractive in come way. And if they love you, they will look past the little imperfections you feel with in yourself and tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are.

Nobody is perfect in this world or has a perfect bodies ladies. And men are not perfect either. They make look at other women but at the end of the day, they are coming home to you. We need to realize that no one has a perfect body ladies. Putting on all that make-up, wearing expensive designer clothes or getting plastic surgery will help you fit in and look like a celebrity. But ladies that’s not the real you. Be yourself ladies. Be natural.


Written by: Dee

Let’s start off my saying this is just an opinion. If you get offended, sorry and X out the window. Going out in public to restaurants, bars, clubs or even walking on the street you see that a lot of people DO NOT look in the mirror before they walk out the house. Not saying you have to look like a model. But at least look presentable and not look like a bum or a slut. There is no need for people to see your underwear and your pants at your feet. Or better yet see through your shirt and see what color bra you are wearing. But whats worse is seeing someone in shorts, flip flops with socks to their knees and a hoodie on. Or better yet shorts, a tank top and UGGs on in the summer. Like really UGGs in the summer? That’s not cute. It just makes you look really bad. Also, when in the bar or club no female should be looking like they just got off work from a strip club. If you want to look cute that’s fine, dress up but don’t come out looking like a hooker. You make guys think only one thing and thats how you get a bad reputation. As for the makeup the less the better! No need to put so much on to make you look like a clown! And never ever should a guy be wearing make up! Thats a no no! It’s just wrong! Everyone just needs to look in the mirror before they go out! Remember first impression is everything! Meaning the first thing people look at when they meet you is your looks and the way you are dressed.

Written by: Dee