It’s not everyday that an opportunity like this comes by….

The all singing and dancing Jason Derulo, has joined forces with Coca-Cola for their annual Perfect Harmony initiative, in which fans can help him write a song.

“I’ve written songs for some of the most recognized performers in music today and no matter how talented an artist is, a hit song is always a collaborative effort,” said Jason in a press release.

Here’s the best bit…He will then perform the very same song on the season finale of American Idol.

And as of from today, budding songwriters, age 18 and over, can go here, listen to the opening intro of the ; song and submit their own lyrics.

Following each of the four submission phases, Coca-Cola will choose the three best lyrics, and the ones with the most votes will be sung by the manhimself.

Not bad to stick on your CV – if you’reone of those lucky peeople…Good luck!




All get your questions for Madonna as she is doing a questions and answers ;section ;over Twitter.

To celebrate ; ;her new album ;MDNA ;Madonna is doing a ;questions and answers night on Twitter you can tweet her from ;10 PM EST Monday 26th March.

She will only be ; ;answering questions for one-day only via Twitter.

If you want to ask her a question then all you need to do it to tweet your question to ;@MadonnaMDNAday ;and don’t forget to include the #askmadonna hashtag.

Nicki Minaj has released the cover of her second album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded on her Twitter page with a caption which read: “Pink Friday: ROMAN RELOADED | April 3rd | #AlbumCover#ItBangBang”. The rapper has gone for a war paint look with different combinations of colour for the artwork.

The cover shows Nicki in the centre, wearing a bleach blonde wig with green, pink, purple and yellow war paint splattered on her face matching the backdrop. She also wears long eyelashes with a serious pose.

The name and title of the rapper and her album is positioned below her image which have been given a fade out look, matching the splattered war paint above.

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is due out April 3rd.

Do you like the cover of Nicki Minaj’s cover for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded? Drop a comment below!