What, was Hurricane Irene?  Please explain… come full my comment box with non-sense. Thank you

Ok maybe the picture below explains it.

Ok this explain a little bit of the madness, but I’m still convinced that this wasn’t a really hurricane to me. Maybe this is a little more graphic.

Ok I’ll stop with the corny jokes. Before some tries to sue me for making fun of the situation. When people probably lost there loved ones. Sorry my condolences to anyone who has lost some one to “irene”.

Moving on well everything has been slow around my way with the crappy weather and no power. I been meaning to blog about so much but my wordpress app for blackberry SUCKS! So I don’t get a lot of time to blog as much as I would like too. Moving on I want to thank the people who actually come to my blog, and comment and let me know what they’re really think and feel about a post. I appreciated it. From missing out on a lot of free time, I’ve been slacking on my blog. I love my blog and it just the beginning. My lovely girlfriend post  a few things here and there for me. I cant wait for her to start posting her poems. I think there great and I think you will too.

Still trying to figure out a layout, theme, or some kind of design for the site. Any suggestion feel free to contact us… please needs its own layout nicely done and organized

Until next time… Check out the new Photos

Rich x Me

Rich & Me


Rich and Me having fun during class … at work