I have been thinking about this for awhile and I wanted to share it with you guys, since I have spoken to a lot of men that have proven this to be true. I’m not saying that every female with a lower back tattoo is a, for lack of a better term, sl*t, but I’d bet a weeks pay that if you took ten random females with lower back tattoos and ten random females without them, there’d be at least a 75 percent chance that the lower back tattoo females had a higher average of for lack of better terms raging sexual hormones. It basically is a way of saying “I’m not saying that I’m easy, but if you play your cards right, you WILL get some soon…maybe tonight”. Feel free guys to give into them. Of course I have absolutely no concrete evidence of this conclusion, no clue how I came up with “75 percent”, and I’m not even sure what “average of sexual raging hormones” actually means, but I do know that the men I spoke to told me that when they were single, if they bagged a female, the appearance of the lower back tattoo immediately put them in the “easy f**k” zone. So this just proves that my assumptions are right. Don’t be mad at me. I don’t make the rules, not this one at least. This is coming from guys and they all gave the same response.

So my question to all the ladies and gents, is it true? Or are the guys I spoke to just telling from a random experience?

Written by: Dee


Scooping around the internet I stumble on a website blog that had interview with “Zombie Boy“. Zombie Boy also know as Rick Genest has been featured in Lady Gaga video “Born This way”  where lady gaga duplicate his exact look. Zombie is a model from Montreal and has done a good amount work in field of modeling.  Rick Genest have been in runaway shows and spreads. Only 80% of his body covered Rick Genest managed to still book jobs and good notice easily walking through a crowd of people. Tattoo’s is an work of art and can show a lot of expression.   *sidenote* I personally really like his INK art work .







(Lady Gaga – Born this way – *capture image* 4:20)


(Rick Genest – Zombie)