They’re back for another season! Got to love SOA. This season is going to be crazier then the last three. For those that don’t know what SOA is I will try to sum it up. It’s about a biker club, that started off years ago in a town called Charming. It shows you how things change over the years and how even in the club corrupt things can happen. From killing a club member’s wife to screwing each other over, but in the end it’s all about brotherhood and being a family. Including old ladies too. Everyone must follow the rules and morals of the club, wear the cut and ride together no matter what. They will fight, kill and die for each other. Even if it means killing other gangs off or even killing federal agents! Crazy right?

It’s starts off with all types of drama. The men just get out of jail, after being in there for almost two years. It truly was tough on the club to have half their men in jail. But they made it work. While in jail the Russians that the club were dealing with decided to seek revenge and play dirty. They stabbed the VP of SOA in jail. For those that don’t know that is Jax. He’s also the main character. When the boys get out, everything has changed. It’s not the town they know anymore. New people run the town and want SOA out! When I mean out, I mean they are watching them 24/7 to make sure the moment they screw up, they got them.

But SOA, is not ready to go down without a fight. First things first, they want and need to settle the score with the Russians. So they decide to kill them when they go pick up the guns from them. Because it’s all retaliation from the Russians stealing and almost killing one of their own. Not realizing that while killing the russians, that they killed an undercover federal agent! Crazy I know! But this is what SOA does, as I explained.

Truly just wondering now what is going to come next. SOA is going to fight to the end to keep their town, the way it was. They don’t line change. Because if it changes, they will no longer be in control or be able to do what they want to do! It’s going to be a crazy season for sure. From gun trade, to maybe getting involved with drugs. Even keeping secrets from each other. All I can say is, there is going to be a lot of guns going off! And SOA is going to be doing most of the shooting.

Amazing show that I think everyone should be watching. So tune into FOX Network at 10pm every Tuesday! It’s not a show you want to miss! Especially if you like guns, money, sex and bikes!

Written by: Dee

Source: FOX Network

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